Welcome to the new BDO Website

Welcome to the new BDO website.  Work is still in progress in bringing the content up to date so please bear with us while we familiarise ourselves with everything that is different in how we go about these tasks.

Remember that this is just a first release.  Additional features will be added in the near future.


All the BICC information that was previously available is already accessible from the BICC menu.  You will see that the Divisional pages have a new design that we are sure you will find easy to use.  After selecting a Division from the menu you will be presented with that Division's Promotion Table.  Use the drop-down above the table to select all the other tables.


We are now able to publish considerably more information in respect of our Ranking Tables.  There are 4 pages dedicated to Ranking Tables and there is a much more streamlined system in place to enable updates and document creation to be carried out speedily after we receive results from ranking tournaments.


The 2015 diary is already available though there is not much left of the year.  The 2016 diary is a top priority.


Technical Stuff

The process of migrating our web hosting to our new service provider started in the early evening on Thursday 26th November 2015.  This process takes up to 48 hours to complete and during this period it is possible that you can view this website when connected on home broadband while others continue to see the old site.  The site anyone sees depends on how quickly their own internet service providers update their own data.  Remember that this applies to mobile data ISP's as well as landline based ISP's.

The BDO has no control over this - it is just how the internet works!